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Travel Insurance is required...

Whenever one travels internationally it is a good idea to have a good travel insurance policy in place to protect you and your investment.  To take part in one of our international tours it is required to take out the TRAVEL INSURANCE as soon as possible to protect you from any unforeseen situations.  Most travel insurance companies require you to take out travel insurance within 10 days of the tour deposit.   If you have made your deposit more than 10 days ago, contact our office for help.

PLEASE … take out the CANCEL for any reason policy.

The link on our website will take you to the TRAVESAFE website to sign up for your travel insurance.

To get the best pre-negotiated rates for your trip ... be sure to visit TRAVESAFE

The #1 insurance choice for Volleyball Tours…  TRAVESAFE


This company has several levels of insurance.  Given the unforeseen issues of the Covid virus,  you should take out the CANCEL FOR ANY REASON policy

Travel Insurance (Required) TRAVESAFE