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London 2019
John, thank you for a great trip! It can’t be easy shuttling 50 people across 3 countries! Jeffrey, Edwin and Russ.. great job coaching all the girls!! Thank you all for your friendship and support on the trip!! Kim

London 2019

Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico! John, Jackie and I wanted to thank you for being a great ambassador as a coach and tour guide. Our trip to Europe wouldn’t have gone as smooth without your assistance, we experience the Italy tour in 2021 
Thanks for making this trip a memorable one! Valerie

London 2019

John, thank you so much for the inviting Maru to this wonderful experience.  You are a master organizing and you have a great staff.  Hope to see you in Italy or Rio in 2 years.
God Bless you and remember you have a home in Laredo TX.

Italy Tour 2019

John----thank you for organizing such a wonderful, fun and memorable trip.  Amelia and I had a fabulous trip.  Also, thank you for making the accommodations for the boat trip and allowing Amelia to leave a day early. It was worth it because it allowed Amelia to be there for her team. They won their division at the AAU National tournament.

Italy Tour 2019

We are finally home! Thank you to all for such a memorable time. Good food, good sights, good times and wonderful new friends!

Italy Tour 2019

Kam and i made it home safely and now enjoying some chips and salsa. God Bless all. Thank you John and Gene and all families for making our Italian Vacation a hit. Please keep in touch!

Brazil Tour 2018
Lol. We can all hope to be able to keep up with the amazing Canadians. So great to meet everyone and make new volleyball friends. Thanks for the fun volleyball week in RIO!

Brazil 2018

Laura and I enjoyed meeting everyone, exploring Rio, and best of all learning more VBall from great teammates and coaches. Thank you all

London Tour 2018

Olivia and I had a wonderful time on the trip!!  Made some wonderful friends - thank you !!! Please tell Russ and other coaches thank you for everything

London Tour 2018
We picked up Bella today.  She loved this trip.  Thank you for leading the team.  Thanks so much for a great trip.


London Tour 2018
Thanks for all the great memories coaches..... Tammy and family

London Tour 2018
Safe travels for those are still traveling and praying for you all.

Thank you Volleyball Tours for such an amazing experience and blessed to have met great coaches, parents and talented girls. 

Hope to see familiar faces next year in Italy! 

Amanda and Verna

London Tour 2018

I had the best trip and can’t tell you enough how great it was (B. C)

London Tour 2017
Thank you for such an amazing LIFE CHANGING trip. I had an incredible time. The organization of the tour was awesome, the transportation, volleyball, tours, etc. If you ever are need of a coach at ANY time, please let me know. Seriously!! I would love to be a part of your organization in the future.

London Tour 2017
Many thanks John.  McKenna had the trip of a lifetime. Great memories!

London Tour 2017
Hi John, I wanted to send out a very big thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip and experience that Taylor had. Thank you again for a wonderful experience from day one. She said she made some great friends and hopes to get together with some of these girls in her future. Take care

London Tour 2017
As a first time chaperone on this trip I just wanted to say a quick thank you for all of the work you put into making this a wonderful memory for myself and the girls

Italy tour 2016


You guys did a nice job of coordinating the tour...  You did a good job preparing everyone for what to expect.  Good choice of locations and transportation modes.  Gene does a nice job as a “technical” tour guide.  Good mix of free time and structured itinerary...  

I thought the cost was very reasonable – actually much less than I expected. 

Safe travels.  I’m sure you’ll get future emails from me.  Thanks for accepting Madison on the trip and putting up with us. 
Tell Russ and Gene “hi” from Madison and me.

London-Paris-Barcelona 2016

Hi John,

First let me say thank you for such a wonderful 2 weeks. Kenzie and I have had a rough road the past year, my husband passing away last July and me being diagnosed with breast cancer this past March. We needed this trip and it was just a wonderful trip. We can't thank you enough. 

Thanks again. Kenzie and I are talking about the Italy trip so I'll let you know. 

Lynn H. 

I've been thinking about the trips I took with you and I just want to say THANK YOU for the experiences.  It's crazy to me how circumstances bring people together.  I, in a million years, would have never thought I would go on a volleyball tour of Europe.  Go figure.  Anyway, you have given me 2 experiences that I will never have again, the friendships that I have formed with so many ladies are priceless and I am so grateful.  You have an awesome program and I hope all will appreciate it as much as I do.  You gave Izzy (my daughter) the fever to travel and experience new things and for that I am also very grateful. 
I hope you, Chris, and the rest of your family have a beautiful Christmas and a very prosperous new year!!


Our daughter Jillian has played volleyball for the past 8 years (since 6th grade) both through school and through Club. She was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be invited to play on several teams internationally the past 3 years. She played in Austria in 2009 but that experience wasn't what she expected. She had several offers to play in 2010 and she researched each carefully. In the end, she chose  John's Goodwill team. It was the right decision and the trip of a lifetime!

John and his team are very organized and they conduct a tour that balances sightseeing with plenty of competitive volleyball. In addition, their coaching knowledge and skill  are way above the average. Jillian wanted to play college ball and she improved so much after the Italy trip that she started getting looked at by college recruiters. This past summer, Jillian was selected to play on the Wyoming All State team which was going to play in Australia. It was an amazing honor. She turned it down to return for a second year to play on John's Goodwill team playing in London & Paris (also a great experience!) I guess that speaks for itself on how much we valued the Goodwill team experience.

We highly recommend John's particular the Italy trip. It is the best value package for great coaching, lots of good volleyball and a wonderful view of Italy. Jilly has some great pictures on Facebook of both trips.  FB....Jillian Sheue (she is now in college in Colorado...and yes, she is still playing volleyball). Good luck!   Dawn

London-Paris-Barcelona 2015

We had an amazing time and experience.  Thank you so much to you and your coaching staff.  It is a trip will always remember. Richie (parent)

London-Paris-Barcelona 2015
This has been a great trip for our entire family.  We have visited great places and Harper has made lifelong friends.  Also, I hope the parents we have met will become lifelong friends as well.  Thanks for everything.  Jon (Parent)

London-Paris-Barcelona 2015 ...we appreciate all the hard work that you, Chris, Alex and Jeff have put into working with the girls (as well as us parents)...and we had a great time!  Hollie (Parent)

Italy Tour 2015

Dear John and staff,
I wanted to add my cudos to those of all the others that enjoyed their time in Italy.  I find myself hoping that Payton will be able to apply for a spot on the London, Paris, Barcelona trip next year.   I loved watching the volleyball and I was excited to see a few things in Italy, that I had missed on previous trips.  So thank you very much for opening the trips to various relatives. Take care of yourselves.  I know you have no trouble enjoying life!!! Sincerely, Susan C. (Grandmother)

London-Paris-Barcelona 2013
Just a little background about us…We live in Odenton, MD and my husband and I both work in Washington, DC.  My daughter is a freshman and setter for Marymount University in Arlington, VA.  Much of her success I attribute to the skill and confidence she derived from our tours with the Volleyball Ambassadors.We went on the tour to Italy in 2011 and it was a tremendous experience for my family (myself, husband, mother, and daughter).  It was the best of both worlds for us as it combined volleyball with well led site-seeing opportunities.  Not only that, but because of John’s network of relationships in each city, it felt like we were given a unique feeling of closeness with the culture.  For example, dining with the teams we played with after the tournaments really brought us together with the Italian lifestyle.  As for the caliber of training and play, my daughter started off strictly as a setter with very little hitting experience (as a sophomore in high school), but the personalized instruction from the coaches on the trip fine-tuned her setting skills and launched her on a path of serious expertise in hitting. I think I was very lucky to hear about this program.  I had also considered another volleyball tour group but it seemed more basketball oriented and just could not match the years of volleyball experience John had to offer.  I am so glad I took the leap of faith.  From flight to hotel to play with the host teams, the whole tour is extremely well organized. If you are thinking about doing a trip for volleyball, this is it.  We loved it so much we went with John last summer to London, Paris, and Barcelona and it too was a worthwhile trip.  Although it is expensive you cannot put a price on a lifetime of memories and just the expansion alone in my daughter’s world
Okay, I think I’ve gushed on long enough.
Hope this helps with your decision.
Best regards, Lorita

I would like to thank you.........not only for a spectacular trip for Ashley and Ali....but in general for what you do, and what you have done for volleyball over the past many decades. I am in awe of your continued dedication to volleyball. And I am especially jealous that you get to travel the world with it all. I want your job!
Just want to say thank you. Marly


London, Paris, Barcelona 2013
John—you, Chris, Russ and Haley did a fabulous job keeping everyone together and making sure we had the best time possible. I appreciate your efforts; I’m sure it is not easy with a large group of 80 that we had. Thanks for some great memories. Karen (mother and daughter)


London, Paris, Barcelona 2013
We had a great time!!  We enjoyed meeting and spending time with such a great bunch of people.  It was great watching the girls play.  The sightseeing was awesome and thank you so much for showing us the sights.  I never imagined visiting these places in my life time, we felt blessed that we were able to do it with awesome people.  Thank you again for the opportunity!! Zonette (mother, husband and 2 daughters)


Italy tour 2013
What I like the most about the tour was the evening dinners with other parents and walks about town in Florence and Venice; sightseeing with our daughter at the Forum and Colleseum; daughter played lots of volleyball and made great friends with the girls; and relaxing on the beach at Grosseto.  Just wanted to thank John and Russ for making some great memories possible. Ken (mom dad and daughter Italy tour)


Italy Tour 2013


Italy Tour 2013

You guys did a great job on the tours; my daughter loved it David (daughter attended the tour)

Lonson, Paris, Barcelona;  I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip.  We would definitely like to be included in next years tour if it is not too late.  Thank you again – the trip has been the talk of our summer! Ruth (family of 5 attended the tour)

London, Paris, Barcelona;  John—you, Chris, Russ and Haley did a fabulous job keeping everyone together and making sure we had the best time possible. I appreciate your efforts; I’m sure it is not easy with a large group of 80 that we had. Thanks for some great memories.  Karen (attended with daughter)  

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