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Everyone worldwide is coping with the COVID-19 virus.  For reliable information about Coronavirus, stick to official sources like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We trust that you and your family are following the guidelines set forth to help slow down and eventually stop the spread of the virus so that we can all get back to normal. 


Volleyball Tours is ready to travel .... come join us.

Throughout the pandemic, we have kept all elements of out tours in place (local guides, tour buses, hotels and competition teams).  We have also been collecting a wait list of travelers interested in future tours.  Currently we have over 1200 players and parents who have inquired about our 2023 tours.


The European countries we are scheduled to visit are now opening up for tourists.  The conditions in Europe are improving at this time we feel we will be able to provide our normal high quality tour program for you.  Each European country have differing rules and regulations about tourists and entering their country.  These rules and regulations are changing weekly, this is one of the reasons that all travelers are required to have a cancel for any reason travel insurance policy in place prior to departure. After February 1st 2023 all cancelations and refunds will need to be addressed to your travel insurance company.

Therefore, we are happy to announce, we will be hosting our 2023 tours this summer.

We understand that circumstances can change quickly and we want to assure you that you will not lose your money.  

To this end we have implemented some new policies to protect you., our policy at Volleyball Tours is to assure you that you will not lose any of the monies received for a cancelled or postponed tour.   

  1. To help protect your investment Volleyball Tours is requiring each traveler to have in place a CANCEL for ANY REASON travel insurance policy.

  2. You can transfer your tour payments to a future tour and be assured that there will be no increase in tour price (normally the tour price increase $200-$400 each year).  You will be first accepted onto that tour.   

  3. You can request to be cancelled from your tour and request a refund of monies received towards your tour.

We have contacted the Travelsafe Insurance company (the travel insurance company that was listed on our website). 
We asked them the question that many of our travelers have asked us. 

  1. “Given the fact that I am not traveling to Europe this summer… What are my options for the Travel Insurance that I purchase for this Summer”?

Travelsafe said…
“So as long as there are no claims are filed on the policy the policy holder can apply the insurance onto future bookings” (i.e. the 2022 volleyball tour).  Travelsafe is allowing clients to change the date for 2 years out from the original departure date on their policy.

If you have specific questions for Travelsafe Insurance contact Travelsafe directly,

We know this is not the news that you wanted to hear; it is certainly not the news that we wanted to give.  We also know that you want to feel safe and have all attractions available and open to you when we are finally able to go to Europe. 

We expect the 2023 tours to be bursting at the seams with eager volleyball players and parents to once again be able to travel.  We hope to see you on one of our 2023 tours.  Stay safe, things are getting better, we are almost there.

Thank you
John Littleman

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