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Welcome to our tour members landing page... Starting in January (for our 2021 Europe tours) we will post a monthly newsletters to inform you and better prepare you for your tour.   All travelers need to fill out the Emergency Contact form and take out the travel Insurance

Each year we have situations come up that may impact our tours….

This year it is the Corona virus.

We are hopeful that between now and our tour date the situation will be taken care of and no longer pose an issue.

We are monitoring the Corona virus situation with the CDC and state department…

At this time we are continuing to make plans to host all of our tours.

It is required to take out a cancel for any reason insurance policy to receive a refund.  The TRAVELSAFE INSURANCE company has a great policy for this.

Each year we have players become injured or ill and cannot attend the tour.  

Insurance companies normally have a 10 day sign up period ... you will want you to sign up as soon as possible.

The link on our website will take you to the TRAVELSAFE website to sign up for your travel insurance.

Junior age tours Newsletters Italy

Link to The 2021 Junior Age tour to Italy (password required)  (password required) (Newsletter starting September)

Junior age tours Newsletters London-Paris-Barcelona 

Link to The 2021 Junior Age tour to London-Paris-Barcelona (password required) (Newsletter starting September)

HIGHLINE COLLEGE Brazil tour private page

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Logo for the 2021 Hoodie - Volleyball Tour to Europe... 

All Age - Brazil Tours 

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Link to The 2021 Adult Age tour to London-Paris-Barcelona (password required)

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