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Welcome to our tour members landing page... Starting in January (for our 2024 Europe tours) we will post a monthly newsletter to inform you and better prepare you for your tour.   At this time all travelers need to fill out the Emergency Contact form and take out the travel Insurance.  Travel insurance is required for full refund on monies paid.

The Corona virus situation is less of an issue this year, and we hope it will continue to lessen.

For additional Corona virus updates please visit our Corona Virus Update Page

Please visit our Corona Virus FAQ

Volleyball Tours require that all travelers have a cancel for any reason travel insurance policy in place for refunds.  

Fully Refundable monies ... All monies paid, are fully refundable from Volleyball Tours Inc, up to January 15th 2024 for the Italy and London tour and January 1st 2024 for the April Brazil tours,  All travelers are required to have travel insurance in place.  After these dates all requests for refunds need to be sent to your travel insurance company.  

Here are two great travel insurance companies that have provided our tour members great service and they have the CANCEL for ANY REASON option 

Last year we had 4 travelers miss their flight to Europe.  The insurance reimbursed them for a new ticket.

Not all insurance companies offer all products to all states.... please check both companies to see which one has the best offer
for you and your state. if you include this number 47-0093 they will send us your policy information for your account

Once on the insurance website, input the dates for your trip, your destination you will need to select the countries you will visit from the drop-down menu, (Italy) for the Italy tour and (United Kingdom, France, Spain) for the London tour, age of traveler (s),  the State that you live, the cost of the tour. Click Get a quote....  

If you are using the Travelex company want to select the Travel Select Policy that allows you to cancel for any reason.

If you are using the TravelSafe company want to select the TravelSafe CLASSIC Policy that allows you to cancel for any reason.

It is required to take out a cancel for any reason insurance policy to receive a refund.  

Each year we have players become injured or ill and cannot attend the tour.  

Insurance companies normally have a 10 day sign up period ... you will want you to sign up as soon as possible.

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