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For the past 42 years we have offered unsurpassed quality programs for both Adult and Junior Volleyball players and coaches who want to take their game to the next level. Our programs are planned, organized and conducted by people who know and love the sport as you do. Volleyball Tours is the best way to link international travel, sport, education and cultural enrichment.  By taking part in one of our all inclusive sport tours to Europe or Brazil. We blend the sport you love, the excitement of International travel,

International sightseeing, International competitions into one fantastic trip. We also incorporate into that. the experience of visiting new cultures and the opportunity to making new friends, that you will have for a lifetime. 

 That's what makes the Volleyball Tour program so successful. Take a look at our tour itineraries, you will quickly see why we have been the players and coaches choice for sport tours. Athletes of all age and skill levels are welcome onto our programs.

John Littleman Director Sports For Youth Foundation John is a USAV All American player, five time National USAV Champion; Former USAV regional commissioner, 4 times; HS State champion coach, 5 time NWAACC College champion coach (small college), Elected to the NWAACC Coaches Hall of Fame, Founder South End Juniors USAV club, Director of Goodwill Ambassadors Tours (42 years), Former Board of Director member for the Puget Sound Region USAV. 


Inducted into the Puget Sound Region USAV Hall of Fame.  Chris Littleman Asst. tour director, club director SEVA volleyball club.  Chris has played AVP professional beach volleyball.  He has been selected NWAC Coach of the Year, and regional honors, as a college coach at Highline College.  Chris Littleman is an assistant beach volleyball coach at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Who We Are

How to apply

Additional Information

For junior age players we have teams for each age group (U12/U13; U14; U16; U18 and players age 19-20 (college age players).

Each tour team will be limited to 8-10 players per team (to ensure maximum playing time).  We accept players by position played i.e. each team will have 1-2 setters; 2 outside hitters; 2 middle hitters; 1-2 liberos; 1-2 rightside players; 1-2 allround players.  

Teams often fill early, it is best to register early as specific positions fill quickly.


How to Apply

Everything starts with your application.

  • Fillout the player application

  • Select which tour you are most interested in attending

  • Be sure to include your coach / reference email address

  • We contact your reference to ask a little information about your playing skills and you as a team player.

  • Once your reference responds to our request you will be invited to join our tour..

  • Once accepted a $500 deposit will hold your place on the tour team.

  • Families may make monthly payments.

  • Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure


Additional Information


This will be our 42nd season of taking volleyball players on the trip of a lifetime to experience Europe. We offer two equally exciting tours for junior age players next summer; (one tour to) Rome, Grosseto, Pisa, Florence, and Venice, Italy in June. And... one tour to London, England; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain in July.

I wanted to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions..... to help you and your parents make a decision about joining us this summer.

  • Can a junior age player attend unaccompanied by an adult?
    To ensure safety for all travelers it is required that all Jr. age players need to be accompanied by an adult (parent, or guardian)
  • Do I need to have my whole team to join, or can I sign up as an individual?"
    We have BOTH programs available. MOST players sign up as an individual (or with a friend). We then make teams out of the individual players using their age, their skill level and experience as guidelines. FULL TEAMS are welcome to join us, they would play as their own team
  • I live in the Midwest ...where do I have to go to start the tour?
    We have the players from all over the USA and Canada join us each year. Our ticketing agent will make all of the flight arrangements for you.
  • How do I register / sign up?
    Click on the Player Application form at the top of the page.
  • Is there a try out? How good do you have to be.... Who makes the team?
    We have players from all over the USA and Canada. The first step is to fill-out the application form, players need to provide us with a volleyball coach reference. The reference can be a HS Volleyball coach, a Club team coach. The references will be sent an evaluation form that asks about the applicants volleyball skills as well as their PERSONAL CHARACTER. If the references come back positive, the applicant will be accepted onto the Volleyball tour. Players need to be accomplished volleyball players, some of the better players on their HS team, and most play USAV Club team. We want to have all of the players be about the same skill levels. We then accept players onto the team on a first come first accepted basis, and by position. The sooner the player fill out the application (with references), the sooner we can contact the references the better chance the applicant has of making the team. We do have limited number of spaces for each tour.
  • Are NON Players welcome? (Parents etc..)
    We encourage the parents and family member to share the experience with their daughters/sons. Many families use our tour as a starting point for a family vacation.
  • We do allow younger Individual players (14 or younger) to attend (they must be accompanied by an adult).Q. How many players on a team?
    Everyone that is accepted onto the team is a volleyball player. All players want to play as much as possible. We keep the team small to ensure everyone has amble playing time. We have 8-9 players per team.
  • Who do we play?
    We play local club teams, In some venues we will play in 1-2 day tournaments, in the other cities we will play some BEACH volleyball.
  • Do we get uniforms....?
    Yes we get tour tee shirts, uniforms and back-pack, all with the team logo
  • How do we get around
    In Luxury... we travel by the wonderful train system through out Europe.
  • What do I have to do to secure my place?
    Fill out the application form, include the email address of your references (this is the fastest way to get it done) Once you have been accepted... send in your payment for the $500.00 tour deposit to secure your place on the team.
  • Does the tour deposit apply to my trip?
  • When do I need to do this...?
    As soon as possible. Space is limited, we need to book you ticket BEFORE the deadline. The Tour FILLS EARLY each year ... plan ahead, get your application in early.
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