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Travel Insurance Information

Tour members...

Whenever a person travels on an international trip especially, now in the time of the Covid virus, there are possibilities for unforeseen situations to occur.  We at Volleyball Tours take every precaution to plan and prevent these problems.  However unforeseen issues could happen.   The most common need for the travel insurance is due to an injury or illness to the traveler.  Each year… we have 2-3 players / parents who become ill or injured just prior to our departure.  Their doctor will not let them travel or play.  With travel insurance; the traveler can be reimbursed for their loss, without travel insurance… they are not covered.

Volleyball Tours require that all travelers have a cancel for any reason travel insurance policy in place for refunds.  

Here are two great travel insurance companies that have provided our tour members great service and they have the CANCEL for ANY REASON option 

Not all insurance companies offer all products to all states.... please check both companies to see which one has the best offer
for you and your state. if you include this number 47-0093 they will send us your policy information for you account

Once on the insurance website, input the dates for your trip, your destination you will need to select the countries you will visit from the drop down menu, (Italy) for the Italy tour and (United Kingdom, France, Spain) for the London tour, age of traveler (s),  the State that you live, the cost of the tour. Click Get a quote....  

If you are using the Travelex company want to select the Travel Select Policy that allows you to cancel for any reason.

If you are using the TravelSafe company want to select the TravelSafe CLASSIC Policy that allows you to cancel for any reason.

On the left side of the page you will see where you can select the OPTIONS...

You do not need the flight insurance.

You do not need the car rental insurance.

You do not need the additional personal property insurance.

You should ADD the OPTION of CANCEL FOR ANY REASON it costs a little more but will give you the BEST COVERAGE.

Travel Safe is one of only a very few insurance companies who still offer the OPTION of CANCEL FOR ANY REASON... you should take advantage of the OPTION.

More About Cancel For Any Reason

When must I buy my plan to be eligible for Cancel For Any Reason?
Within 10 days of the date your initial trip deposit.  (If you have made your tour deposit more than 10 days, contact John at the Volleyball Tour office for help. 

When must I cancel my trip?
Two or more days before your scheduled departure date.

Do I still have the Trip Cancellation benefit in my plan if I buy Cancel for Any Reason?
Yes! We will always check to see if you are cancelling your trip for a covered reason under the Trip Cancellation benefit first! 

Why Travel Insurance....?

International travel can mean encountering the unexpected, ranging from the inconvenient to truly serious. Travel protection plans offer comprehensive benefits to meet the challenges of travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip.

Not sure you need travel protection? We have compiled the  Top 10 to highlight the importance of purchasing a plan before you depart on your trip:

1.   "I’ve become ill and don’t feel well enough to travel"
When you purchase a plan that offers trip cancellation/ interruption coverage within a specified period of your initial trip deposit, you are eligible for waiver of pre-existing medical conditions. That means you can cancel your trip for an unforeseen sickness - and be reimbursed for any non-refundable expenses relating to your trip. 

2.   "We missed our connection because of a flight delay"
You arrive in your connecting city but your flight is long gone and the next flight is not until tomorrow morning. The travel delay offers coverage for accommodations and meals. 

3.    "I arrived but my luggage didn’t"
Whether your bag is lost or merely delayed, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of clothing and personal articles so you can enjoy your vacation. 

4.   "We were on our way home when the airline went on strike"
The trip delay benefit covers.

5.  "My wallet – with my cards and passport – has been stolen"
Emergency assistance services will assist you in reporting your lost documents and make arrangements for an emergency cash transfer should that be required. As well, the baggage benefit provides coverage for loss due to the unauthorized use of your card.

6.   "My father-in-law fell and injured himself – I normally care for him"
The illness or injury of family members is also included under covered reasons to cancel. It’s important to remember that even if you are fit to travel, other events may make departing on your trip unthinkable. 

7.   "I think my daughter has an ear infection – what’s "ear infection" in Italian?"
Plans offer 24-hour worldwide assistance. Call toll-free to access our 24 hour medical assistance helpline to receive advice or get information on English-speaking doctors in your area. 

8.   "We were traveling when I suddenly developed chest pains"
When a medical emergency happens far away from home and from proper medical facilities, you want to ensure you receive adequate care. Our medical evacuation benefit will cover emergency transportation for you to the nearest facility or back home.


9.   "A terrorist act has occurred in a city through which my flight will be connecting"
Both domestic and international terrorist acts are covered reasons to cancel your trip provided the act occurs in the insured’s city of destination and you must be scheduled to arrive in that city within 30 days following the terrorist incident. 

10.  "My travel supplier just declared bankruptcy"
Common carriers with financial difficulties are becoming increasingly common. Purchasing trip cancellation/ interruption coverage from a third party can protect you and your trip investment against such an occurrence. 

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