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Coach bring your team...

Fill out an application for additional information.

Two of the most frequently asked questions that we get from coaches are... 
1. "Do you need any more coaches?" 
2." How can I go to Europe or Brazil; for free?"

1. "Do you need any more coaches?" 
We do have our staff that accompanies the tour each year... Our staff knows how to lead the group through the subways of Paris, the streets of Rome or Rio , and how to keep everyone safe . 


2." How can I go to Europe or Brazil; for free?"

We have a special "Community All Star" program. That allows the local coach (you) to pick a group of local players from your area (they could be from one school, one club team or individual players from your community). Forming an ALL STAR team to go to EUROPE is very EASY to do. EVERYONE wants to be on an ALL STAR TEAM, and an ALL STAR TEAM that is going to EUROPE or South America is even more appealing.

For the Europe tours.... It only takes 11 paid travelers (Volleyball) .... (7 players and 4 parents, 10 players and 1 parents ..) and you will travel free with your team.

For the Spring Break tour to RIO... it only takes 6 paid travelers for one free trip; 3 players and 3 parents, 2 players 4 parents or any combination totaling 6 or more travelers.

Some of the benefits you will receive.. one free trip on our tour to Europe or Brazil. This includes...
Free Round trip Air fare, Coaching Polo and sweats, Athletic travel bag, Free Accommodations, Free city $4199.00 in London, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome, Free Boat cruise of the Venice Lagoon, Free boat trip down the Themes river, visit to the Palace of Versailles, The Eiffel Tower, The Vatican, Buckingham Palace ... and much more .... all for Free...... (at this time we do have $200 early registration discounts available for your group. 

We do need to get started soon to allow you to have enough time to recruit a successful ALL STAR TEAM from your area.

Additional information about the tour ... that your players and parents will ask ......

Q. Who is organizing the tour.......?
A. The Sports For youth Foundation (non-profit 501-c3 org) this will be our 40th season of taking sports teams on the trip of a lifetime to experience Europe or South America.

Q. Where will we go?
A. Anywhere you want to go .. our pre packaged tours are a tour to London, England; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain or to Venice, Florence and Rome, Italy or a specially organized Beach Volleyball training tour to Rio de Janeiro.

Q. How much does the tour cost? What is included?
A. See specific tour details for tour price. 

Included on our tours,.....
Round trip International Airfare from USA gateway cities; Airport transfers to and from the Hotels; Accommodations as described.
Continental Breakfast Daily; Train transportation between cities as described; River Cruise on the Thames (London-Paris Tour)
Chunnel Train Transportation Paris to London. (London-Paris Tour); travel Pass in each City; Optional Side Trip to Versailles (London-Paris Tour); Tournament Registration Fees; Free time for Shopping; English Speaking guided tours in. London, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome.
Lagoon boat ride (Venice); 24 Hour Professional Tour Escort.; Friendly Volleyball matches; Uniforms, shirts, travel bags.; and More.

Fill out an application for additional information.

Q. Do I need to have my whole team to join, or can I have various players from other teams?
A. The selection of your team is up to you, they can come from your own club, school or community.

Q. I live in the Midwest ...where do I go to start the tour?
A. We have the players from all over the USA and Canada. We will make the arrangements for each specific tour. Example (Last year our Europe tours departed from DFW or JFK; Our Rio tour departed from Atlanta or Houston). 

Q. How do I have my team register / sign up?
A. Make a list of your team, send them to our office, we will record them as a member of "your team".

Q. Are NON Players welcome?
A. YES.... ALL travelers attending the tour count towards your free trip.  We require a parent or other adult to accompany their player. 

Q. How many players can I have on a team?
A. That is up to you.... however, we suggest keeping the team number between 8-10 players.  This keeps players and parents happy.

Q. Who do we play?
A. We play local club teams, and in local tournaments. 

Q. Do players get uniforms....?
A. Yes we get shirts, shorts, Sweats, and athletic bag, all with the Volleyball tours logo on them.

Q. What do I have to do to secure my place / my team's place?
A. 1. Send to the office a list of your players, have them fill out the application form, (this is the fastest way to get it done) 
2. To finalize their place they will need to send in (Visa or MC, check) for the $200.00 tour deposit, it is that simple.....

Q. Does the $200.00 apply to their trip?
A.. YES... 

Q. When do I need to do this...?
A. As soon as possible. Space is limited, we need to book you ticket BEFORE the deadline. The Tour FILLS EARLY each year ... plan ahead, get your application in early.

Let me know if you have other questions .....
Enjoy visiting Europe or South America with others who enjoy your sport....


Fill out an application for additional information.

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