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Newsletter #4 for Masters age Rio tour

Newsletter #4

Only a few more days until we depart to BRAZIL.......

It is a good idea to RE-READ.... the previous newsletters to help you pack and organize for your trip....  If there is one thing I can't emphasize enough is..... DON'T OVER PACK.... you don't need all that extra STUFF..... (besides.... if you need something more.... it is a good excuse to by something NEW in Brazil.


Everyone will each receive a tour tee shirt, Players will also receive 2 uniform tops, (these will be mailed to you the first part of April) 

Men need to bring a pair of Black shorts, Women bring black shorts of your choosing Spandex or Gym short 

Volleyball Play:

We are planning a practice game for each team (men and women) when we are in Rio... To get a chance to stretch our the legs and learn each others names... 

We will also have some time to play some friendly games on the beach.... 4 on 4 is very common in Brazil

The tournament in Santos will bring together 108 teams, 48 ​​male and 60 female, bringing to the city of Santos more than 1700 athletes from twelve states of Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Distrito Federal, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Bahia Pará, Goiás and the USA..

General Information...

For the USA domestic and international flights your baggage allowance is normally about 50 pounds (which is WAY TOO MUCH STUFF) … for our flight between RIO and Sao Paulo the baggage allowance is one carry on personal item (laptop – purse – bag) and one carry on 23 pounds or less.  IF… you have larger or heaver luggage you may need to pay extra at the time of check in at the airport.  Sometimes….. they will just check it for you at no fee….. other times they may charge you for it…..  For all of the times I have flown between cities in Brazil, I have only had to pay one time …. It was about $20 for the checked bag.


On April 1st we mailed to you… your tour luggage tags, hotel address cards (to give to the taxi driver when you get lost… whoops … I mean IF you get lost), your tour tee shirt and the player uniform shirts….  I will bring a few extra shirts in the event that your shirt is WAY to BIG or too SMALL....


The Women’s 55 USA/BRAZIL team would STILL like another HITTER help them at the tournament… (when playing schedule allows…)

Each player will receive 2 logoed numbered shirts…. You should bring your own shorts…. And other volleyball needed gear.

The 55 USA/BRAZIL women’s team should bring BLACK shorts (spandex or gym shorts – your choice)

The Men’s 65+ team should bring their own BLACK shorts… (please not spandex – smile)

The women’s 60/65 team I think you have your team uniforms that you normally wear

If you have questions ... contact John in the office ...

More later …..


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