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Newsletter #3 for Masters age Rio tour

Newsletter #3

This month's newsletter will answer some of the questions we have been asked the past few weeks...

Luggage, clothes and Uniforms

First; let me say that MOST all travelers over pack...  To avoid this, take a little time to figure out what you really need to bring, for our 10 day trip to a tropical location and pack it... then remove about 1/3 of what you have in your suite case... and you will STILL have too much stuff.

There is a laundry near our hotel that can wash your clothes if you need it done.... or you can had wash in the sink for lighter items and they will be dry the next day.  

General guidelines for clothing

First Uniforms... Everyone will each receive a tour tee shirt, Players will also receive 2 uniform tops, (these will be mailed to you the first part of April) 

Men need to bring a pair of Black shorts, Women bring black shorts of your choosing Spandex or Gym short 

1. nice outfit for travel days - to RIO, wash it and wear it again for the trip home

2-3 pair of walking shorts and or 1-2 swim suits  

4-5 pair of sox's 

5-6 pair of under ware

4-5 tee shirt or light tops

1-2 hats 

1-2 dresses/skirts 

Walking shoes / Sandals / Volleyball Shoes 

A light jacket or sweatshirt for the evening ... sometimes it cools down to the mid 70's (smile)

All of these are SUGGESTIONS.... 

The weather will be Mid to Upper 80's each day and nights mid 70's

Sunscreen / sun block is a necessity... (even for those who "do not burn")

There is pharmacy about 2-3 blocks away from our hotel... you can purchase all of your personal needs when you arrive

Electric Needs:

The physical plugs in Brazil are different than here in the USA... you will need at a minimum a wall adaptor

The Brazil plugs are a 3 prong plug with the top prong slightly higher than the other two.... Google this to see what you may need.

Volleyball Play:

We are planning a practice game for each team (men and women) when we are in Rio... To get a chance to stretch our the legs and learn each others names... 

We will also have some time to play some friendly games on the beach.... 4 on 4 is very common in Brazil

The tournament in Santos will bring together 108 teams, 48 ​​male and 60 female, bringing to the city of Santos more than 1700 athletes from twelve states of Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná, Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Distrito Federal, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Bahia Pará, Goiás and the USA..

Free time:

Each day you will have free time to do with what you want.  Walk down the beach, play some Beach VB, Sightsee or.... just hang out.

Next Newsletter...

General Daily Itinerary

If you have questions ... contact John in the office ...

More later …..


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